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DWIF Campaign

The Denton Women's Interracial Fellowship conducted numerous campaigns in Denton for African American civil rights. The Good Neighbor Pledge was a petition designed to improve equal access to housing. They knocked on doors asking Denton residents to sign the "survery" which read:

"I believe that every person has the moral and legal right to rent, buy, or build a home anywhere without restriction based on race, religion, or national origin. Equality of opportunity is basic to the American society and our religious beliefs.

“Therefore, I will welcome persons into my neighborhood without regard to race, religion, or national origin; and I will work with them to build, to improve, and to maintain a community which is good for all.”

As southern society was beginning  desegregation, Fellowship members took action to promote integrated dining and to improve job access for African Americans. Toward this goal, they went in pairs --one black woman with one white woman-- to formerly segregated restaurants, depositing with their payment a simple slip of paper with these printed words: 

"As your Customer I Welcome Being Served By Any Qualified Person Regardless of Race, Creed or Color." 

This artwork contains original photos of the Good Neighbor Pledge and restaurant note, along with a 1990s reunion photo of the DWIF published in the Denton Record-Chronicle. 

The Good Neighbor Pledge: About
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