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Public Art in the City of Denton Texas

Through friendship and strategic action, the Denton Women's Interracial Fellowship (DWIF) helped ease the process of desegregation and improve living standards for African American residents. In a time and place where racial segregation was the norm, the group of maverick black and white women transcended racial barriers to forge a friendship-based coalition aimed at increased racial equity. 

The DWIF Commemorative Art Installation memorializes their accomplishments and celebrates their legacy, while offering a contemporary reimagining of what art memorials can be. The installation location is 108 Industrial Street in an outdoor public park, publicly accessible at all times, starting September 1, 2021.

The memorial features an "image curtain" that helps tell the DWIF story with 60 artworks dye-sublimated with powder coating onto aluminum discs. Decorative bollard lights feature contemporary images of Denton's diverse public-school students. Five-foot-wide shimming lenticular discs inspire onlookers to embrace the DWIF ethos of courageous love-based social change.

The artwork was commissioned by the City of Denton Public Art Committee, and was created by artist Dina Fisher

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Dina Fisher

Dina is a multi-media artist living and thriving near Los Angeles, California. She has formal training in music, photography, creative writing, painting, video and more. Having worked for decades as a high-tech designer in various mediums, she began creating art installations in 2015, now focusing on creating fine art commissions for municipalities, businesses and organizations around the globe. 

To learn more, visit her fine-arts portfolio at

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