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Denton High School 1970s

Denton High School's Broncos football team became racially integrated soon after 1964 public-school desegregation.

Prior to integration, African American students played on the Dragons team for Fred Moore High School, whose famed coach C.H. Collins thrice led the team to the state championship game. After integration, the Broncos quickly morphed into a winning team, reaching the state's playoffs for the first time in 43 years. Many attribute the success in large part to Coach Collins transferring to the Bronco's staff.

As recalled by David Washington, former sophomore-of-the-year Broncos wing back, “We all gelled together and became brothers. We didn’t look at black, white or Hispanic. We looked at teammates. The coaches didn’t treat us no different. I think that’s why we were so successful. We didn’t see black or white.”

Denton Broncos Football Players: About
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