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Denton High School 1972

Denton High School’s football team, the Broncos, played a big role in smoothing the desegregation process. The team’s coaches were game changers at a time when racism defined many people’s views. In the words of David Washington, a former Denton Broncos player, “We didn’t look at black, white or Hispanic. We looked at teammates. The coaches didn’t treat us no different. I think that’s why we were so successful.”

Many Broncos’ coaches, players and fans attributed the smooth transition to Coach C.H. Collins (middle front row). Prior to integration, he was a legend in the all-black Prarieview League, and took the Fred Moore High School (Denton's African American School during segregation) Dragons football team to state championship games three times as head coach. After public school desegregation, he transferred to Denton High School, accepting the lower title of assistant coach, after which the Broncs reached state playoffs for the first time in 43 years. The Broncos coaches, most notably C.H. Collins and Bill Ryan, produced quality players who went on to become professional football stars.

Denton Broncos football coaches left to right: TOP Bill Poteet, Bill Ryan, Sam James, BOTTOM Bill Carrico, C.H. Collins, Norris Lankford

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